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Welcome to the Frequency Devices Ham Radio products home page.

Frequency Devices was founded in 1968 by Bob Steer and Charles Wing. The company’s first products were signal conditioning and filtering instruments for use on board ships. Most of those products have now been discontinued but we continue to build our ham radio products.

Our owner Bill Franklin, K9EIF, has been involved in ham radio since he received his Novice license in 1954 and has brought his ham experience and his Electrical Engineering background to the ham radio market. We will be developing more new products over time so check back often to see what is new.


In addition to our current products, we offer wire antennas that are custom designed for any frequency from 3.5 MHz to 54 MHz. Give us your frequency and we will design you an antenna, test it on our open field test site, and ship it to you ready to install.


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